June 11, 2024

BSE Mock Test

bse mock test

A BSE mock test refers to a practice examination designed to simulate the actual tests related to the Bombay Stock Exchange in India.

Ques01:- The Bombay Stock Exchange was established in …………

a) 1875

b) 1873

c) 1874

d) 1872

Ans: – A

Ques02:- Index future trading commenced at BSE in the year……….

a) 2000

b) 1997

c) 2001

d) 2004

Ans: – A

Ques03:- Insider trading if reported can be investigated by………..


b) FMC

c) MCA

d) RBI

Ans: – A

Ques04:- An option that has Intrinsic Value is in the money option.

a) True

b) False

Ans: – A

Ques05:- A person who combines derivatives with a business risk is a Hedger.

a) True

b) False

Ans: – A

What is BSE Mock Test?

BSE Mock test is Bombay Stock Exchange mock test

What is the fees of Mock Test?

BSE Mock Test fees is 1000/- Rs.

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